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Bertie’s coaching style includes the practice of ‘active listening’ with empathy and genuine interest in the person. He has the ability to deliver, honest, direct feedback that is trustworthy and delivered with integrity.

The outcomes from Berties coaching, that prodices results include deep reflection, taking people to higher levels andapssion for helping peiople that inspires them to want to change. The higher goal is to support the learner.

Bertie is able to identify and solve problems intuitively, with little explicit analysis or planning. He sees underlying patterns effortlessly and applies the appropriate solutions, even to complex and unique situations, in such a way that they generate consistently superior performance. The result is usally expert performance, marked by the ability to see and interpret underlying principles instead of relying on heuristics or surface features, which is what most competent performers do. One of the ironies of this level of performance is that experts can be rather inarticulate in explaining how they arrived at a conclusion.