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Talk: Human Resource Development Congress ~ Mumbai

In February 2020 Bertie traveled to India to accept  an award for top 101 Most Fabulous Coaching leaders. While there he was asked to do a talk and provided insight on ‘Vision with Imagination’. This is a brand new method of approaching your dreams and the execution thereof.

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Personal Development

The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself.  Benjamin Frankilin said ‘If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the highest return’. If you wanna get tot he next level in your life and career,  you have to spend  time on YOU.

Big Picture Thinking

By changing the way you look at problems, opportunities and situations, a big picture person often likes to brainstorm and come up with many ideas. They are idea generators, often thinking of huge changes, large projects and substantial opportunities to create new business.

'Eagle View' Approach

Having the view of an eagle is a cursory or overall view while observing things or people carefully and  taking notice of the things that matter.

The Bertie le Roux Podcast  has been existing since April 2019 and Bertie has had phenomenal discussions on business, HR,  employment, vision a purpose.Listening to these podcasts will greatly encourage and motvate you.

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The Development Stream is a recording of a show recording on Tuesdays at the Platinum Gold Radio studios on the Rand. On this show Bertie discusses personal development  and the employment environment.

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Public Speaking

Being aware of who his audience is at all times, Bertie’s humorous approach to subjects entertains audiences and creates the necessary energy to keep them engaged by telling stories.

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The critical role of any consultant or business growth agency is to ensure the business stays afloat in regard to business strategies, methodologies, and trends. When a consultant puts these methodologies into play, its commonplace for the company’s top management to ask for an in-depth explanation as to how they utilized them to come to their conclusions.

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The outcomes from Berties coaching, that produces results, include deep reflection, taking people to higher levels and a passion for helping people that inspires them to want to change.

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Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills students can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in graduate school and beyond. Quality mentoring greatly enhances students’ chances for success.

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Bertie’s business acumen and life’s wisdom has led him to become a true ‘Beyonder’ – a thinker ahead of his time, seeing the solution even before some people dare to recognize there’s a real problem. Our conversations have shed new light on the direction that transformational coaching and mentorship can take in this respect. It is with the proper development of people that today’s most pressing problems can be solved. To talk with Bertie is already experiencing that change of mindset in action. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for an experienced mentor and coach.

Mauritz van Zambeek
Mastermind Specialist, Sage Prosperity Partners

I had the pleasure of meeting Bertie a few years ago where he conducted an interview and brain profile analysis with me. I was just blown away by his professionalism and demeanor, not to mention his clear understanding of social interaction, growth, and personal development but also his competence and approach. His direction to me was extremely helpful and up until this day, I am confident enough to ask for advise, leadership and guidance.

Monique Godfrey
Logistics Coordinator, VJ Logistics Solutions
Neil Kenny

One of the first things that comes across when speaking with Bertie is his passion for helping others, but most importantly he is a man of values and respect. Bertie is always ready to discuss hot topics and share his wealth of knowledge.

Neil Kenny
Account Executive, Glassdoor
Sam Alexander

Bertie has a deep understanding of the complexity that surrounds transformation and a creative approach that displays his rich understanding of the human dynamic in this equation. He is highly capable of wrestling, alongside individuals, with his exceptional one-on-one Coaching competence.

Sam Alexander
Executive Director, Grassroots Foundation
Adi Shachar

A kind, honest, compassionate and good listener. Bertie will take the time and effort to ensure that he understands your business needs and work with you and connect you to the right people who will help your business grow. He actively searches for the best networking opportunities and will source the right markets for your business.

Adi Shachar
Founder, Heartbeat Clowns NPC
Jacques de Villiers

It is not often that you meet someone to discuss possible business and walk away inspired. Bertie’s zest for life is infectious and he is someone who sees opportunities where others see problems.

Jacques de Villiers
Chief Executive Officer, Growth Institute
Eugene Klopper

A few points stand out when I think of Bertie over the years that I have been dealing with him: – He always acted with great integrity and professionalism, his subject matter knowledge is superb and he is always looking to present and extract the highest value for his client through his creative interpretation and application of his knowledge. I have always received great results from the work he has done.

Eugene Klopper
R.E.V.O Group, Executive

Bertie is a dynamic leader in his field with a commitment to excellence in his work, a passion for development and is outcome driven. A pleasure to work with.

Theo van Vuuren
Executive of Operations, Devedlopment Bank

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