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The Benefits of Mentoring

  • ┬áBeing encouraged and empowered in personal development.
  • Being helped to identify and achieve career goals.
  • Being helped to identify and correct gaps in generic skills and knowledge
    increasing your confidence.
  • Developing and maintaining a broader perspective on career options and opportunities.
  • Having access to a senior role model.
  • Gaining insight into University culture.
  • Developing mentoring/coaching skills

The Benefits of Mentoring to the Mentee

  • Career advancement, including a higher rate of promotion.
  • Increased opportunities and a likelihood of staying at the institution.
  • Higher salaries.
  • Increased productivity and better time management.
  • Greater success in achieving external research grants.
  • Personal and professional development, including increased job-related well being, self-esteem and confidence, and better work-life balance
  • Preparation for the future and heightened career aspirations
  • Developed networking skills