Building Teams for Beyonders

In this article I talk about a key to beyondership being the building of teams and the importance of it in business and success. Are you currently building teams? And how are they improving your business?

How to be a Black Belt Manager

The Book on How to become a Black Belt Manager used martial Arts to explain how you, as a manager/leader/beyonder, should approach all challenges in life. Fact is who and what you are encountering plays the game with different rules than yours and if you are not able to adapt to the circumstances you are certain to loose the “fight”. How prepared are you for the unexpected? If you are challenged what becomes your focus and how direct?

Can I teach you to be a Beyonder?

In this podcast I respond to the question “Can I teach you to be a Beyonder?” My answer would be both yes and no. Reason being that Beyonderness/Beyondership manifests in your thinking! Do I want to be Transformed – do I want to change – do I have to change? Question to you is “what is required from you to change and why would you want to change? And if you could answer that question then where to ….

Change, Creativity and Beyondership

Uncomfortable at where you are at? Great that is possibly the most important step you’ll have to take to reach your potential! In this Podcast I link need for change and creativity as a differentiator – setting you apart from the masses! Challenge to you – do what you have to do to challenge your status quo? What are some of the things you can do today/now to change your status quo?

Differentiators of a Beyonder

Differentiators by definition are what set you apart from others and I have given you some food for thought allowing you to, just maybe, understand yourself better. Why you sometimes find it difficult to fit in – you are unique and should capitalize on that! What is your understanding and experience?

Who’s Life Are You Living?

Who’s Life Are You Living often the departure point for discussions as people feel entrapped for whatever reason and simply cannot adapt nor change. In this Podcast I address the why not! Fact is – only you can make the decision and only you can take ownership … everyone else can just guide you! What is your entrapment and why are you allowing it to control your life?

6 Characteristics of a Beyonder

In this podcast I spoke about the characteristics of a Beyonder. As I believe that a good manager does not define a good leader – I do believe that beyondership can be associated with leadership and not with entrepreneurship. Please feel free to share your experiences.