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The 4 Pillars to Reaching your Dreams

I have developed this concept because of the unrealistic expectations that I experienced as a manager in the workplace and unrealistic because sometimes people has got expectations beyond their capabilities and often that, that all comes down to just money.

What is your Dream?

So I developed this program and I started off with dream. In other words, what would you like to be one day? What would you like to achieve one day? That’s your first question. You must have that dream. And in that, I mean, we talk about vision. We talk about value and we talk about a vocation in terms of my dreams, but.

We all need help to clarify it because can I do it? Is it possible? How would I know when I’ve reached it? Can I qualify that then? Quantified? Can I see it? If you want to live in a three-story house, overlooking the ocean, um, with all glass windows, get a picture of it. Otherwise it is it’s worthless. It’s nothing you’ve got to put in here.

What will it be like?

So the second check that you have to do the second pillar, therefore is I must challenge my own dream and see whether it’s reachable. In other words, what will it be like when I get there, get a clear picture of it, then you can drive. Then you could take the next. So you’ll look at the state and the, and, and the scene and the similarities.

Specific of that dream of yours. So now we’ve reached it. We’ve now said yes, I can go to Olympics as a photographer. Okay.

Who am I?

The third pillar is to establish, who am I? What is the special skills I have not necessarily need to get there? My dreams at this point in time, what do I have if I look in the mirror and analyze myself, Who am I, what skills have I got and what can I do?

And that, and net covers everything in others. I look at my self onto the what question, the why question the when and the root question in terms of me, who am I, and when, once I’ve done that, then I look at how will I get to my dream? How will I get to where I want to. We, we are started off my first, uh, pillar defining what do I be like?

What must I do?

What do I like to be one day? So the fourth pillar, therefore, is, is the. The go-to action. In other words, what must I do now to achieve that? I know, I know where I want to go. I’ve checked the reality of that. I have checked whim. I, what capabilities have I do I have a, now is that step to say, how do I get to it?

This is where the work takes place. The education, the qualification takes place in the fourth, fourth pillar, and then dreams, uh, uh, can we guarantee. Great. Thank you very much, Betty. Um, I’ll be fine. Lots of value badly. If you could ask the audience any question where they can just get back to you in terms of processing this information and what you discussed today, what would you want to ask them?

My first question is hallways and the one that I like most is to challenge people. Ooh, they are honestly. Can you honestly answer who you are. Do you really know yourself? Because we brought up that to love yourself is vain, but I’m saying to yourself until you’ve learned to love yourself. You do not know how to love others.

So it comes down to that answer to the first question is you ask, who are you? Do you know yourself? Do you know how great you are, are beautifully? Are, are powerful. You are educated you so they can appreciate. Awesome. So we’d love to hear from you in the comments. Maybe just put us, I am in Dallas, your story, so that we can interact with you and find out who you are and how we can serve you better in the future.

Over to You.

 I’d  love to heard  from you. What do you think a re some of the steps to reaching your dreams?

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