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3 Hacks to understanding Millennials

Things are changing dramatically fast nowadays.  It’s not what you did yesterday that you can do today and still do it tomorrow with comfort, now it changes dramatically.  We’re talking about millennials and  three life hacks, how can we help them? Considering that all of the millennials are doing is being on the computer, I suppose the hacks is the right word to use because they are struggling to understand themselves.

Millennials Biggest Issue

One of the biggest issues we all have with the millennials is they think different from all of us.  They are just different and therefore they approach life different and their work ethic is different and it’s got nothing to do with quality and has got nothing to do with quantity, it’s just that the millennials think differently about so many different things. For an example let’s talk about insurance and investment looking after your future, that is one of the things that is really not important to them, they live as if nothing will happen to them and they experience life accordingly. They live fast, they live long, and they live comfortably. If you try to put them in a box, you will fail.

The approach to millennials are totally different. When you look at investments, insurance, bitcoins is something  they will look at in a different approach. Secondly, in the workplace for you as a manager, or as a leader, it is challenging to manage your resources, your millennials. They are crucially important for the company, things change dramatically therefore we need Millennials which the older generation doesn’t necessarily always understand but when we do, when we get to that point, we do understand that we must allow the Mavericks to be themselves and give them scope in the organization because they will take you into the new millennial where you got very little experience of.

Change to them does not come easy -because they create their own change and then they become comfortable because they’re going to walk it step-by-step, but if changes are enforced onto them, their first action would be to retaliate, and that is why for parents and also  in the work environment it’s difficult to deal with millennials in that sense that they would retaliate. They will have an opinion and they will raise their opinion, whether you like it or not. Often that opinion for you at that point in time will be difficult to understand, but give it time you will understand that those Mavericks just think differently and therefore in an organization you need them because they will take you into the future.

The Value of Thinking Differently

We’ve been talking about beyond the ship, being about thinking differently and approaching things differently. For them coming into workspaces and the different generations converging together they bring a different dynamic to the whole thing. I spoke to a gentleman that was very much involved in new technology in the inventory environment and  medications for animals, he was talking about his experience with the millennials in university environment, where a lot of research is done and they approach it like if I can do it in a game on the computer, why can’t I do it in real life?

Part of the older generation to understand those concepts is very difficult, but for them it’s just a matter of why can’t it be done. If I can send a little robot on the computer during my game down the veins of something, or just down the tube why can’t I do it in life? They are working on technologies to do that, that is where the rapid change and development is taking place in the world because they think about things and they immediately answer themselves by saying why can’t it be done?

They just go for it, they are not there to say, what’s going to go wrong, it is part of the learning experience and they are so attuned, it comes easy to them. When we’re talking about the way that everybody’s matured and how we approach life these days, the new 21 is 40 years. Longevity is going to be one of the biggest factor to consider in the future. We are just simply going to live longer and the challenge therefore, is how are we going to manage living longer? The age of maturity is moving on and there’s probably very little control over that because kids of 10 and 30 years old, how do you differentiate between them when they come to development and growth and just creation?

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