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Building a Legacy

At the end of their lives, some people might say that they might still have a lot of things left in them. I think people have a responsibility to leave a legacy behind them. This generation has a responsibility to the next generation. What does that look like? It could simply be writing a book or capturing information in audio format.

Youngsters of today don’t have the patience to wait for older people. Millennials want action right away, they want everything to happen instantly, they want a response. They don’t throw much caution to the wind. They’re not interested. They’ll attempt anything because believe that nothing can go wrong.

The elderly on the other hand, are much more cautious. They like to think things over. They respond with wise words for the young. And unfortunately, there is a big schism between the 2 generations, which is a real challenge because if you want to learn from somebody else, you
must be willing to wait. And I don’t think that the youngsters are very open to listening to the elderly. One gets the feeling that the elderly are not appreciated because no one goes to them anymore.
If you are a young person, I want to encourage you to spend some time with them and allow them to be the devil’s advocate. Just bounce off ideas and concepts off of them and learn from the experience they have. It’s a tough ask, but I’d like to see the transfer of skills and knowledge be done more often. I think the process is impeded because of the pace of the current society.

It’s going to get increasingly more difficult to pass on knowledge and skills from one generation to another. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult, but luckily everything is stored now. If you want to learn something, you can read about it or go to social media and experience it.

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