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Building a Legacy

Do you think this generation has a gift to give to the next generation?

The youngsters of today don’t have the patience to wait for the older people to give their explanations. The millennials are into action immediately and they want a response, they throw caution to the back door and are not interested.

They challenge everything and will do anything believing nothing can go wrong. But the elderly are always much more cautious, they think it over and respond with wise words. Wise words for the young, but by that time the younger one is gone, miles away from us.

It is a challenge because if you want to learn from someone you must be willing to wait and listen. The youngsters don’t want to listen to the elderly as they should, therefore one gets the feeling that the elderly are not appreciated.

Nobody goes to them, spends some time with them, and treats them well. The devil’s advocate bounds off ideas and concepts so they won’t learn from their experience. I would love the transfer of skills and knowledge to be done more often, but the pace of the current society is impeding that.

It is a struggle to pass knowledge and skills from one generation to the other and it’s going to get increasingly more difficult. Luckily everything is stored now so we can learn and read about it, and we can experience it on social media.

What is the Responsibility of Those Who Want to Leave a Legacy?

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