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Purpose of Foresight

When I refer to vision with imagination, three principles of thought come into play: overview, insight, and foresight.

How much control we can have of our future if we are focused if we have defined our vision and have an absolutely clear picture of it. A vision is an imagined reflection of your future.

If your vision is clear enough, it comes closer. In other words, you can bring your future into the now by pre-empting that imagined future that you’ve defined.

Creating scenarios is something that we all do and as an individual, you often do it but are not structured.


Live Your Future In The Now

We create situations that we would believe would take a closer dark goal, that’s what we want to achieve so that we can get control of what we do.

If we think about it and we’re clear about it in our thoughts, it becomes simpler and easier because we can justify it. If anybody were to challenge us, we can challenge ourselves and justify by definition.

What’s important is life must work for you instead of you working for your life. If you focus on that foresight, having that picture in the future and everything you do, how you plan it and structure it, you are funneling it down in terms of that goal of yourself.

It’s like peeping through a keyhole, opening a door a little bit. You can see the future, some of us are hesitant, and some of us are absolute we just go for it. Others just want to put one foot in the water, “don’t put both feet in the water while testing it, that could be dangerous.”

The future vision clarifies the focus, live your future in the now and as you experience it, it becomes closer and you will achieve it much quicker. That is the key to foresight. You’ve to see it through the eyes of your vision which you’ve defined for yourself.


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