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My View on the Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction by definition is the ability to attract into our lives what we are focusing on. If you are open you’re accessible, if you are closed you are not accessible, therefore it plays a role in everything that we do.

You Attract What you Focus On

Relationships, business, future thinking, motivation, passion, everything about that is linked to attraction. If you want to be successful associate yourself with successful people because that’s where you will learn.

If you are constantly with negative people you will attract negativity and become negative even though you don’t want to be.

Your human nature is not supposed to be negative but you will because you are attracting it.

The secret is if there is something you want, define it then go out and look for it. If you are focused you will attract that to you and the chance of achieving it will be better.

The clearer the vision the closer it gets, in other words, the vision will attract everything you associate yourself with, and you’ll be focused to achieve all that you will not be distracted. Nature, will, life and the universe will help you to focus.

You may not even know it, but that’s going to happen. The law of attraction says whatever you are thinking about, the results will be what you are thinking about. your thoughts attract what you are focusing on.

What Are You Focusing On?



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