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Employed, Unemployable or Self-Employed


You were born unique with God-given gifts that you can apply in any way you like. The question is, what should you do? Your focus should be passion and purpose rather than profit. If I study a course focusing on making the most money, I’ve already taken the wrong direction.

You may be successful in making that money, but you will never be fulfilled. Lots of people are challenged when they start out looking for a job because the reason for looking for a job is profit.

Focus Where Your Passion Is

Does your job make you happy? If you understand where you’re going, and what you’re passionate about it will make you employable and will make you employed so that you can focus on where your passion lies.

Then unemployable by definition, are the ones chasing the job because they’re unemployed they are looking for any job. When you talk to them they will tell you they have submitted a lot  of CVs in the marketplace without any response.

You’ve got to understand where you are when you look for a job and therefore you must focus on your career, and what you love doing. Then you will know what to apply for when you are looking for a job instead of applying for thousand jobs, you now understand you can be employable. I might not be successful because I am chasing a job and not necessarily my passion.

Some people are not employed because they don’t wanna be employed and often the situation is that they hate being bossed around by their boss. That could also be your passion, not to be bossed around, do your own thing.

That’s what turns you to look at the self-employed environment, a self-employed person is not necessarily in the category of entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person that makes something out of nothing, taking a small concept and making it a great business.

Everything starts with a trigger, often we start a business because we hate to work for someone but we struggle with the business we can’t grow, and we can’t take it anywhere.

That means we don’t necessarily have the entrepreneurial flair but then you could buy a franchise and be as successful as a self-employed individual, there’s a place for all of us. The sooner you realize that the happier and more successful you will be.


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