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Follow your Passion

 Naturally all of us are scared of change because we work so hard to get to this position that we are at, at the moment which we define as being my comfort zone.

You are the only person who defined it, you cannot grow and move on without facing any change. Transformation means I must take a step away from where I’m at, either I’m feeling pain or discomfort, but I am just not comfortable with where I’ve been yesterday, I must make  change and that’s within you.

If you need to get somebody to help you understand why all of a sudden you’re uncomfortable, then you must do so. The fact of the matter is we all get to a point where we look back and see what happened when you became uncomfortable in your current situation, then you had to change and yes change in itself creates discomfort because you are moving into the unknown.

All of Us Can Make Change

You need to stretch yourself, you need to challenge yourself, but once you’ve stretched yourself through that you’ve got control. The pace that you take, you’ve got control over. All of us can make that move, we can make change. It’s actually very easy, you must understand I am uncomfortable and why am I uncomfortable and what can I do about it?

The fact is life is too short, we must live it while we can. Our health mostly is our wealth, all the money in the world cannot buy your health. When things like cancer or motor vehicle accidents and you’ve lost your leg or an arm or whatever, you must live your life while you can today. I’ve always set myself challenges and when you often listen to successful people, you’ll find out that the success was actually built on traumatic experiences that they suffered it could be a sickness or something that happened badly in their life and they overcame it.

They realized they can, nothing can hold them back. The more challenging, the more satisfying the end result will be. The moment you start living your life by stretching yourself all the time, it becomes part of your second nature, everything you do you are challenged. It starts when you wake up in the morning, you tell yourself what a fantastic day I’m looking forward to because today I’m going to experience something unique.

Even if it’s meeting somebody new and sharing views with them, you’ve got your bucket list you start ticking them off when you’re challenging yourself. That takes you beyond where you are, if you don’t challenge yourself, you’re not willing to do it. You will sit where you are and blame everybody else around you that your life is so dreary and no excitement but you are so intertwined in your comfort zone, you don’t want to challenge yourself. If there’s more things for me to do that I’m capable of I would love to do that and all of us can do that.

We are all attuned differently, some people are closer to the point of burnout and can take less to get there and others are quite strong they get there quickly. Once you’re in burnout, that is not a comfortable state to be in but by stretching yourself in all aspects of life, you’ll find your own perimeters. Find out up to where you can go, how many hours can you really work and enjoy yourself doing what you’re passionate about.

Everyone of us is unique and we must spend time with ourself and say am I really comfortable with where I’m at or should I move out to do something different? It doesn’t matter what it is, the smallest step will lead to a very large step tomorrow, just go out there and do it.

What is your Passion?

Are you willing to follow it?


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