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Everything starts with a Thought

You’ll be successful if you are more aware that thinking will achieve success and the results will follow from that.

Welcome I’m Bertie le Roux a transformational coach, I help goal-orientated people to achieve beyond their expectation by applying positive thinking principles. I want to talk to you about the fact that everything starts with a thought.

Why would you want to address that  principle, that everything starts with a thought? I don’t think about breathing nor do I even think about getting up in the morning, there’s a lot of things that we don’t think about because it just happens, we expect it to happen but in actual fact everything starts with a thought. It could be a positive thought, it could be a negative thought, just to mention two of them, what you put into your body is what’s going to go out of your body. What you share with people is what you’re going to get back.

The way you address your thoughts will empower you and you’ll be most successful. Your thinking has a response from your muscle. If you are engaged and involved with a positive person, part of the company you doing what you like, that engagement, those thoughts emanates from your brain and releases what you need and you are a positive person in terms of whatever you do, you end up being so much pleasant around people.

When bad things happen to you, the moment you are under stress  two things are going to happen “fight or flight” that’s a natural response from a human being. You are thinking about what should I do? I’m under stress I should respond, that takes place in your heart.  The worst part of it is you will respond from your gut, you will feel it because fear comes into play and fear might immobilize you or actually freeze you so everything starts with a thought.

 How can you get out of fear?

By changing my thinking, if you believe you can, you will, if you believe you can’t you’re right.  This is not science, it’s up to you. Let’s consider and be aware of our thinking that everything that we start it is from our thoughts. If we want positive results, we have to think about the result before we act.  I promise you chances of achieving a goal that you’ve been thinking about is achievable and you will probably make it simple.

If you want to relax think about your breathing we normally don’t do it. If I think about my breathing, inhale through my nose, as much as I can right down to my tummy, exhale through my mouth, it relaxes me. It takes the stress away, clears my mind and all of a sudden I’m thinking with more clarity, better thoughts, better results.

Are you willing to change your thinking?


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