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Challenges with Entitlement



The challenges associated with entitlement, the concern and the concept associated with entitlements has always worried me, because that is linked by right definition with unrealistic expectations.

You cannot have an entitlement attitude and whenever you go anywhere with anybody there is no relationship in terms of the expectations which are one sided, and if you think you can drive a one sided relationships, you must know it’s going to fail sooner or later.

The same goes with anything you address; whether you are playing sports and you got an entitlement that you have to be chosen because you are the best by your definition. The moment we talk about our definition, ego comes into play, which  in itself is a danger.

The Meaning of Entitlement

Sometimes, entitlement is a good thing, but most of the time it’s a danger. To be entitled is when you have expectations, but unrealistic ones.  You expect that you must be helped, you must be sorted out. This call that you are giving should come to you because you consider yourself  entitled for that.

I’ve been born to get that and I don’t want anything other than that, if it’s not nice I don’t want it. It’s my perception of the world and I am more than I’m giving.

Whatever you consider as part of your entitlement it will come back to you. If you are positive, what you dream of will come to you, but if you are entitled then you got expectations and the world will turn it back to you because you probably don’t deserve what you want.  You are better than you think. You are more than what you believe.

Your Turn

What are your thoughts on entitlement? I would love to hear your view.

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