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Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations.

A lot of people are challenged with unrealistic expectations because they go through life visioning, other people’s successes, and internalise them.

Parents live their lives through their children, in terms of the unachieved goals that they had for themselves.

“Parents must assist their children to become what they are capable of.”

We must understand that our child is born unique, they could be completely different from us. Even teachers today understand the concept of kids in the classroom is different.

When you have unrealistic expectations of your child, you’re setting them up for failure.

Forcing kids in a direction that they don’t enjoy will give you a negative response and you will think they don’t appreciate what you’re doing for them, and it leads to a lot of conflicts.

What we instill in our kids’ minds goes to their subconscious minds. We are responsible for moulding our kids’ future success through what we say and do. Understand the uniqueness of the individual and the concept of unrealistic expectations.

Parents need to find out as soon as possible what their kid’s purpose is or what they’re passionate about, the sooner we can get that we will understand that we don’t need to follow the same route.

Give them time and space because they want to grow and develop this unique individual, your responsibility as a parent is to guide and help them. Expose your children with an open mind.

Have you experienced a conflict that you can relate to your unrealistic expectations?

If so, understand your responsibility as a parent and how your kids can become highly successful by just letting them be unique.


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